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Management of the sporting careers of professional athletes including contract negotiations, transfers and mentoring.

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Acting as intermediaries on behalf of players, agents and/or clubs to complete transfers.


For the past 25 years, World in Motion has established a strong network with major brands and are able to negotiate the best sponsorship opportunities for our clients.



World in Motion identify and secure the right opportunities for our clients at the beginning, during and following their playing careers.

Wealth Management

We work with our athletes to develop and implement a holistic financial plan with trusted Certified Financial Planners that will secure our clients for life.

Data Analytics

Our team of data analysts provide on-demand analysis for players and clubs for the purposes of identifying transfer targets, assisting on-field performance, identifying optimal career trajectories and/or to assist with contractual negotiations.

Digital Media & PR

Our Media team work closely with our clients to  develop and strategically manage their online presence and content creation alongside broader PR management support.


Our in-house solicitor works with Sports Law experts at Onside Law to give sound, proactive legal advice to our clients at every stage of their career.

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