Western Europe

A former professional football player who played for the Greek National Team, made over 300 appearances in the Greek Super league and spent seven years playing in Italy, Theo has been a football agent for over ten years. He has been involved in many major transfers and he is considered to be an expert in finding young, talented athletes. He has an excellent knowledge of the Italian and Greek football market and is fluent in Italian, Greek and English.

Email: tkarasavvidis@worldinmotion.com

THEO KARASAVVIDISLicensed Intermediary

Subsequent to joining World in Motion, Filip has transferred players all over the world from China to MLS.  A graduate of International University of Monaco, Filip is fluent in four foreign languages, enabling him to play an integral role in the company’s overseas division.  In the last four years Filip has brokered a number of deals at clubs in the top divisions of England, Germany, Greece, Poland, Holland, Belgium and Scandinavia.

Email: flesniewski@worldinmotion.com

FILIP LESNIEWSKILicensed Players Agent

Based in Düsseldorf, Sascha works as a consultant to World in Motion.  Sascha has a background as a former football player and as a specialist solicitor in sports law.  Sascha has been been involved in numerous transfers and contract extensions, has a strong reputation with players, clubs and other agents and has an excellent knowledge of the German football market.

Email: sbeumer@worldinmotion.com

SASCHA BEUMERFootball Consultant