WORLD IN MOTION joins the soccer aid for Unicef great big kickabout

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Through the World in Motion Foundation, staff at World in Motion are grabbing a ball and getting together for a Great Big Kickabout to raise vital funds for Soccer Aid for Unicef on 14 June.

Andy Evans, World in Motion Chairman, will be leading the World in Motion team on behalf of Soccer Aid and said: “As a result of the unfortunate passing of Adam, a former member of staff, we set up the World in Motion Foundation with a view to contributing to worthwhile causes and the Kickabout provides a wonderful opportunity for all at World in Motion to do something fun whilst raising funds for Unicef.”

Donations, which will be passed on to Soccer Aid, can be made through the World in Motion Foundation page on the World in Motion website or directly through this link:


Richmond Park Run

Bill Pethybridge, from World in Motion, is cycling from London to Brighton

Bill Pethybridge is continuing the World in Motion efforts to raise funds for good causes.

By way of background, in 2015, World in Motion Chairman Andy Evans received a telephone call from then member of staff Adam Jodoins’ phone. The call was not from Adam; rather it was from the hospital in which he had been admitted following his collapse at the end of a 10km race in which he had competed. Tragically, Adam was never to regain consciousness. He was just twenty-five years old.

Since this sad day, Andy and the rest of the team at World in Motion have been reminded on many occasions what a great loss Adam has been to us individually, as a company and for his family. It was agreed that World in Motion would commit to commemorate Adam by way of fundraising for worthy causes.

The first event was on 1 October, 2016, the anniversary of Adam’s funeral, and the London based World in Motion staff ran in a 10km race in Richmond Park. Other members of the World in Motion competed in races on the same day around Europe and in countries as far away as Australia. In total, we raised over £3,000.

Our next event is the London to Brighton bike ride on Sunday, 18 June, 2017.

There will be other fund raising events that World in Motion will participate in and we will be advertising these soon!